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Tech Trends To Follow In 2015

2015 is finally upon us, and though we don’t have too many hoverboards or self-drying clothes yet, our modern tech still might impress Marty McFly. From cars that can drive themselves to appliances you can program from your smartphone, the present day is starting to look a lot like an …


4 Bellingham Businesses Doing Social Media Right

Have you liked any Bellingham businesses on Facebook? Of course you have! Now, what about tagging that business in a post saying you were at their location? Chances are good that if you’ve ever done either of those, you did it at one of these four businesses. Between the four …

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Facebook Releases New “Places” Business Directory

Facebook recently launched a new “guided browsing” directory that takes existing Facebook pages for local businesses, and allows users to sift through the pages based on categories. Under the heading “Things To Do In [Your City]”, the directory divides the pages into the following primary categories: Restaurants Hotels Bars Cafes …

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Built In Bellingham: WompMobile Converts Your Website For Smartphones

Humble Beginnings Madison Miner first entered the online mobile scene as many great startups do; by making life a little more convenient. He and his snow-happy roommates wanted to know the weather conditions at Mt. Baker before deciding to get out of bed, and as a budding internet entrepreneur would …

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Uber Rolls Into Bellingham, WA

There’s something subtly powerful about being able to request a ride in a sleek black sedan with a single button push on your smartphone. The experience seems akin to what a CEO might feel when summoning their company limo. Since 2009, Uber has been making that experience available to regular …

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Cyber Security Risks and What Your Bellingham Business Can Do About Them

Knowing how to protect your data from cyber attacks is an essential part of doing business online. The cost for neglecting cyber security in the U.S. is reaching a point where no company can afford to write off the risk. A Ponemon Institute Study of the costs of cybercrime in …


5 Mobile Credit Card Processor Options For Your Small Business

By the year 2014, one innocent question should be deeply etched into every small business owner’s mind: “Do you take cards?” If your answer is anything other than yes – and an exasperated “yes” still counts – you might need to start looking into the mobile payment options available to …