Black Car Uber Driver Bellingham

Uber Rolls Into Bellingham, WA

There’s something subtly powerful about being able to request a ride in a sleek black sedan with a single button push on your smartphone. The experience seems akin to what a CEO might feel when summoning their company limo. Since 2009, Uber has been making that experience available to regular …

National Association for Business and Economics Logo

NABE September Business Outlook

The National Association for Business Economics (NABE) recently published their September 2014 business outlook summary. NABE’s panelists presented their views on the path the economy will take during the rest of 2014 and into 2015. The information should prove useful for local businesses as they plan for Q4 and the …


What Bellingham Tourism and College Enrollment Numbers Mean for Local Business

As any Bellingham business owner knows, if your bottom line depends on patronage from around the area, you’ll quickly become familiar with two distinct demographics: college students and Canadians. And while long-term residents, especially the retired, still make up a substantial chunk of Bellingham’s paying customers, it’s hard to deny …