View of Downtown Bellingham from Huxley School

6 Bellingham Businesses That Don’t Exist, But Probably Should

Have you ever had one of those moments where you really want to go do something, or eat a particular sort of food, and you have to face the disappointing reality that no Bellingham business offers that service? We here at BBN know that feeling, and we decided to take …


What Bellingham Tourism and College Enrollment Numbers Mean for Local Business

As any Bellingham business owner knows, if your bottom line depends on patronage from around the area, you’ll quickly become familiar with two distinct demographics: college students and Canadians. And while long-term residents, especially the retired, still make up a substantial chunk of Bellingham’s paying customers, it’s hard to deny …


3 Bellingham Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed

Bellingham is known for being a pretty quirky place, and our local businesses are no exception. Entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by plenty of coffee, has led to the creation of many local businesses that show off our unique Pacific Northwest culture. Some, such as Woods Coffee or Mallard Ice Cream, are …