Erin Baker’s Baked Goods: One Of Bellingham’s Best Exports

Erin Baker’s breakfast cookies may be the most recognizable product made in Bellingham. They can be purchased in grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and even on Western’s campus. When you mention “the breakfast cookies” people know what you’re talking about. Erin is a homegrown success story, but her business …

Avenue Bread Owner Wendy by display rack

Avenue Bread Still Rising After Two Decades

If you’ve purchased a sandwich somewhere in Bellingham recently, the odds are good that Avenue Bread was involved. In the last two decades the company has established itself as a primary source not only for baked goods, but for all kinds of delicious eatables. Local organizations including grocery stores, breweries, …

The Foundry Logo Black Background

The Making Of Bellingham’s First Makerspace

How much do YOU know about makerspaces? If the answer is “not a whole lot”, prepare to be educated. Let’s start with the basics. A makerspace is a place where people with common interests can get together to socialize and collaborate on projects. Makerspaces originally began as part of larger …

Inside of lightning ball

New Branding Re-Energizes Bellingham’s SPARK Museum

The SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention is something very unique to Bellingham. Believe it or not, this humble spot just downtown houses the largest public display of antiques and relics from the early days of electric technology in the entire world. More famous spots like the Smithsonian and the British …

Black Drop Coffee Latte Art Flower

Coffee Is Serious Business For Bellingham’s Black Drop Coffeehouse

The Black Drop is one of Bellingham’s most iconic independent coffee houses, largely thanks to the passion and dedication of its owners and employees. The shop’s 12 year history is a little complicated, so bear with me as I lay it out. The Black Drop was opened in 2002 by …

Shop Small Saturday Logo Image Blue Background

Small Business Saturday: A Short History

Small Business Saturday embodies a special kind of irony in American business: a holiday promoting shopping at small local businesses, invented by one of the largest corporations in the country, American Express. Despite the contradiction, however, the positive impact the new holiday has had upon small businesses is undeniable. In …

Founders of Bellingham Brewery Aslan and Brewing Tanks

Aslan Brings Organic Flavor To Bellingham Brewery Scene

When Jack Lamb and his friend and partner Frank Trosset founded Aslan Brewing in 2012, they were starting from scratch. Based out of a garage in the back of the Upfront Theater, the two men built a 5-gallon homemade brewing system and embarked upon their mission of crafting the perfect …

Whatcom Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Dinner Logo

Bellingham Small Business Of The Year Nominees

Special recognition can mean a lot for a small business, both in terms of company morale and exposure. For the 10th year in a row, the Whatcom/Bellingham Chamber of Commerce will name one small local business “Small Business of the Year” at the organization’s annual awards dinner. There are four …

Local Business Womp Mobile Bellingham Traverse Team

Built In Bellingham: WompMobile Converts Your Website For Smartphones

Humble Beginnings Madison Miner first entered the online mobile scene as many great startups do; by making life a little more convenient. He and his snow-happy roommates wanted to know the weather conditions at Mt. Baker before deciding to get out of bed, and as a budding internet entrepreneur would …

Jim Watt of Northwest Tarp and Canvas

Bellingham Tarp Business Seeks to Cover More Than the Pacific Northwest

As Jim Watt will tell you, living in the Pacific Northwest means getting familiar with tarps. With our well-deserved reputation for damp weather, tarps are a necessary part of keeping things dry around here. Watt, the owner of Northwest Tarp and Canvas, can provide you with custom coverings for pretty …