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The Making Of Bellingham’s First Makerspace

How much do YOU know about makerspaces? If the answer is “not a whole lot”, prepare to be educated. Let’s start with the basics. A makerspace is a place where people with common interests can get together to socialize and collaborate on projects. Makerspaces originally began as part of larger …

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New Branding Re-Energizes Bellingham’s SPARK Museum

The SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention is something very unique to Bellingham. Believe it or not, this humble spot just downtown houses the largest public display of antiques and relics from the early days of electric technology in the entire world. More famous spots like the Smithsonian and the British …

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Bellingham’s Black Drop Coffeehouse Announces New Partner

(Press Release) January 12, 2014 BELLINGHAM, WA ­ – The Black Drop Coffeehouse expanded its ownership team in fall 2014 with the addition of Ryan Siu, a veteran barista of the shop. Joining as owner­operator, Siu will work alongside Stephanie Oppelaar, who was hired as a barista in 2004 and has been owner …

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Tech Trends To Follow In 2015

2015 is finally upon us, and though we don’t have too many hoverboards or self-drying clothes yet, our modern tech still might impress Marty McFly. From cars that can drive themselves to appliances you can program from your smartphone, the present day is starting to look a lot like an …